Since 2008, Tabledance® has received a lot of attention both nationally and internationally. Tabledance® has been represented at all the important lily shows, where it has won several prizes, such as the first prize at the Keukenhof Lily Parade, which it has won four years in a row.

Tabledance® is also supported by promotional material, advertisements and a special flower cover. Its introduction at the auction in 2011 was accompanied by a promotional video and leaflets. Posters were distributed in the Netherlands and abroad. Some lovely photos of Tabledance® in vases were produced. These photos can be used by various media.

  • Article in Lilyscoop 2008 in several languages
  • Leaflet when it was introduced at the auction
  • OT Poster distributed internationally
  • Special Tabledance sleeve
  • Tabledance poster
  • Screen banner in important Russian flower wholesalers.
  • Special photos of the lilies in vases.

Media & Awards

April 2008 in the spotlight Lilyscoop
April 2009 front page Lilyscoop
May 2009 1e price OT’s Lely parade Keukenhof
December 2009 Full size advertisement Dutch magazine "Bloembollenvisie"
January 2010 CNB Midwinterflora best OT
February 2010 artikel in Dutch magazine "Bloemisterij"
May 2010 1e price OT’s Lely Parade Keukenhof
May 2010 TV and website Martha Stewart (
Juni 2010 Large truck print Rietvink
September 2010 Plasbokaal
September 2010 Best lily breeder, lely & Calla show ‘t zand.
October 2010 Lely show CNB
October 2010 KAVB Test
December 2010 advertisement Bloembollenvisie
December 2010 highest score CNB
January 2011 CNB midwinterflora
February 2011 Dutch Lily Days catalogus
Maart 2011 1e price OT’s Lentetuin Breezand
May 2011 Beste OT Lely parade Keukenhof
May 2011 presentation Groot Bijgaarden België
May 2011 presentation Lilytopia USA
May 2011 assortment flyer Mak Breeding
May 2011 Large banner with 3 OT’s DLD
September 2011 1e prize OT’s "plasbokaal"
September 2011 2nd prize lely & Calla show ’t Zand
October 2011 Shown in Dutch terlevision show
October 2011 Lely show CNB best OT
October 2011 OT poster Mak Breeding
October 2011 Time lapse movie
November 2011 Hortifair Best OT
December 2011 OT poster Mak Breeding translated in Chinese
December 2011 Presentation in China ± 500 forcers
December 2011 XXL Banner China auction (± 30 Mtr x 4 Mtr)
January 2012 CNB Midwinterflora: best lely
January 2012 IPM Essen
February 2012 Holland flower festival
February 2012 World lely show "Bollenoord"
Maart 2012 1e price OT’s Lentetuin Breezand
Maart 2012 IGH wereld lelieshow bollenoord
Maart 2012 Floracultura advertisement Keukenhof special
April 2012 shown at lily show "Bollenoord"
May 2012 1e award OT’s Keukenhof
May 2012 Poster send with Lilyscoop
May 2012 website online
May 2012 dynmic presentation at the Dutch flower auction
May 2012 Leaflet at introduction
May 2012 presentation Russische flower wholesale
May 2012 Flower sleeve
May 2012 magnets Dutch Lily Days
May 2012 Glossy Poster
Juni 2012 2e place consumers panel Keukenhof 2012.