A characteristic feature of Tabledance® is that the variety of 12-14 to 20+ can be used by forcers. It is also grown in the southern hemisphere, which means that bulbs of a good quality can be supplied throughout the year. The quality of both bulbs and flowers benefits from this.

Tabledance® has upright buds, which means that it can be easily packed and transported.

The pink OT lily Tabledance® has been available at auction since May 2012. During the first year, this lily was supplied exclusively by the firm Florient Lilium BV from Aalsmeer.

From May 2013 larger numbers will become available, which will be supplied by six forcers. The following forcers will together supply some 700,000 stems of Tabledance® in different sizes and at different auctions in 2013:

Forcer Supply period Sorting Auction locatie Website
Bakker Heerhugowaard
From half April to November 3-5 buds Aalsmeer
From half May year-round 5+ buds Aalsmeer
PM Groenewegen
From half May to November 5+ buds Naaldwijk
Imanse Quality Lilies
From September to November 3-5 buds Aalsmeer en Rijnsburg
Moerman Lilium
From half June to February 3-5 buds Naaldwijk
Paauw Lilies
From half May to November 3-5 en 5+ buds Naaldwijk en Rijnsburg

Tabledance® will be supplied in a recognisable, light blue sleeve, and it will be promotionally supported by Mak Breeding and growers' association Maliva.