Bulb cultivation

The Tabledance® variety was developed by Mak Breeding BV from Wieringerwerf. Following an internal test phase, it was revealed to the world for the first time in the spring of 2008. After that, things moved on very quickly. Tabledance® was immediately recognised by insiders as a breakthrough in OT breeding, and a large number of bulb growers were therefore interested in cultivating this variety.

With the support of CNB, it was decided to introduce the variety onto the market from the base in a structured way. Two growers were found in the southern hemisphere, and in the northern hemisphere the variety was accommodated among 18 growers within a growers' association called Maliva. The aim is to present the variety in the market in a recognisable, distinctive way by jointly promoting its introduction.

This growers' association is coordinated by CNB.